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Kainuo Industrial is China's largest hose clamp manufacturer. The company has come a long way since its founding in 1989.

Kainuo At a Glance
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Exhibit Room

Over our 30 year history we've garnered countless honors and certificates. In the exhibit room, customers would also see hose clamps, no-hub couplings and T-bolt clamps in various specifications.

Marketing Team

Our brilliant marketing team is staffed by some of the industry's top minds. They know how to promote our products and extend our market reach.

With more than 50 sales representatives on staff, our sales team is the backbone of our business, responsible for negotiating with home and international customers and handling customer orders. All of them are college graduates and have around 5 years of experience in this field.


We encourage all employees to be involved in quality improvement and innovation. Employees will be awarded for their contribution to the company.

Pictured is an electrician receiving an award for his suggestion on saving raw materials, improving quality and reducing production costs.

A quality-themed speech contest was held to provide employees with opportunities to share their thoughts on how to improve product quality.

Management, Training

The upper management, together with workshop directors, work group leaders, schedule coordinators, cost management team leaders, and data analyzers, are taking part in a TWI training course on improving lean management skills. This course is aimed at helping managers improve their management work at the grass-root level.

Contents of TWI training include how to improve workplace safety, leader-employee relationship, and management work. Through this course, most leaders have learned how to solve problems in day-to-day production- and management-related activities in an attempt to enhance efficiency, quality and control costs.

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