Technical Support

1. Provides technical guide and instruction to aid in installation, use and retrofit of our products including the hose clamp, flexible rubber coupling, and hose clamp installation tools.
2. Offers technical drawings for customer purchases.
3. Trains customers on the basics of our products and operating skills.

Lab Testing

1. Analyzes chemical composition of stainless steel coming from other suppliers.
2. Runs metallurgical tests on carbon steel provided by other suppliers.
3. Checks hardness, tensile strength, and elongation ratio of incoming raw materials and parts.
4. Inspects zinc coating thickness of or runs salt spray tests on incoming raw materials and parts.
5. Tests physical properties of rubber parts offered by other suppliers.

Quality Warranty

Limited quality warranty for one year from the date of shipment. For malfunctions, failures, or defects within the warranty period due to material or manufacturing fault, we will recall our product and send a new one to customers for free.

Customer Service

1. Keeps customers up to date on our latest products.
2. Specialized personnel tracking customer order to ensure quality goods are delivered on time.

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