Quality Control System

1. Continuous improvement
2. Raw materials/ components, incoming material inspection
3. First article inspection
4. Self checking
5. In-process inspection
6. Finished products inspection
7. Third-party sampling inspection
8. Products audit
9. Manufacturing process audit
10. Quality control system audit

Inspection Center

Kainuo emphasizes science and technology innovation as a key part of producing quality hose clamps and no-hub couplings that meet customer needs. We bring in about 100 sets of lab equipment, including the spectrometer, thickness gauge, push pull gauge, metallurgical microscope, and coordinate measuring machine. We've also teamed up with top-rated universities and institutes in China to build a comprehensive technology research center. Kainuo is designated as a national high-tech enterprise, Tianjin excellent little giant enterprise, and Tianjin enterprise technology center.

We expend large amounts of money to buy 14 testing equipment, hire skilled undergraduates and get them to run comprehensive checks on hose clip and hubless coupler components. Aspects of these tests include checking physical properties and chemical constituents of those components, such as thickness, width, tensile strength, ductility, and radiation as well as C, Si, and P, among other chemical elements.

Our metallurgical microscope, coming from Germany, was purchased from ZEISS. Lab personnel uses this microscope to study the microstructure of different materials, analyze their grain size, and assign each material a rating based on test data and related standards required by different countries.

Imported from Germany, this direct reading spectrometer is an AMETEK brand. The instrument is designed to analyze the chemical composition of metal materials and check if they measure up to national standards.

Working staff analyze the various chemical elements of metal materials, such asSi, Mn, and Ni.

ZEISS coordinate measuring machine, paired with LDI laser scanning system, ensures high measuring accuracy of up to 2.4 + L/250μm

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