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Kainuo is one of the country's leading experts in hose clamps, stainless steel no-hub couplings, and custom molded rubber parts. We are a privately owned company and supply customers around the world.

Our workforce, more than 1200 strong, operates from a 400,000-square-meter manufacturing facility. 40% of our offerings are geared towards the domestic market, while the rest of them ship out to customers across the globe.

By involving ourselves in every step of the manufacturing process, from developing tools and dies to producing hose clips, hubless couplings and flexible rubber parts, we have formed a complete supply line, able to cater to customers' differing needs. We own and operate out of 10 workshops dedicated to producing quality products with quality second to none. A typical day of operation yields up to 1 million hose and pipe fasteners.

Assembly Workshop

Outfitted with 26 riveting machines, the assembly workshop is where around 3 million hose clamps are produced on a monthly basis. Her in this job shop, skilled workers piece together the screw housing and steel band using the riveting machine.

  • A full view of the assembly workshop
  • Workers focusing on their job
  • Finished goods warehouse, where products are packed carefully to prevent any damage in transit.
Plate Bending Workshop

In our plate bending workshop, we use 8 punch presses and plate bending machines to roll steel plates into a ring shape forming what is called the steel band. The entire process is fully automated for improved productivity. Monthly yield: 3 million items.

Additionally, we've introduced 8 automatic forming machines, each providing multiple working stations to complete the production of spring hose clamps in one step. Every month, we produce 1.6 million spring steel hose clips using that equipment.

  • Punch Press
  • Multi-Station, Automatic Forming Machine
Cutting Workshop

1. Wire-Cut EDM

  • 2 wire-cut EDM machines are imported from Swiss Company called Agiecharmilles. Perform cuts at a low speed but to high precision. The resulting cut is accurate to 0.005mm, achieving 0.22Ra surface roughness.
  • Operators tweak the cut design, choose a cutting program and get the machine going. The entire process is carried out automatically.
  • Using brass wire as electrodes, the wire-cut EDM machine can achieve high cutting precision.
  • Underwater Cutting

2. Machining Center

There are 2 sets of machine centers that can handle complex parts all while achieving close geometric tolerance of up to 0.01mm. Again, the process is automated, allowing quick change of tools.

  • Machining Center
  • Precision machining hose clamp parts
Precision Machining Workshop

We use vertical lathes to cut the internal size of the wheel case to precision up to ±0.01mm. High stability allows the equipment to work on various irregular shapes.

Vertical Lathe
Vertical Lathe
No-Hub Coupling Production Workshop

With a monthly production rate of around 600,000 to 700,000 hubless couplers, this job shop adopts advanced process flows and strict quality control measures to guarantee customers receive only the best non-hub couplings.

  • A panoramic view of no-hub coupling production workshop
  • Finished steel bands are rolled into a circular shape using hydraulic roll benders
Flexible Rubber Coupling Production Workshop

1. Cold Glue Production

  • Using quality cold glue, we press rubber materials into tubular shapes for use in steel, rubber, and plastic industries.
  • Quality EPDM rubber is imported from Netherlands, Korea and Japan. Resultant rubber parts are highly elastic and resistant to oxidation, oil and corrosion. They can handle a wide temperature range from -70°C to 300°C.

2. Injection Molding

The 23 injection molding machines are used to produce rubber components for use in the construction of flexible rubber couplings. This in-house manufacturing capability saves production cost, allowing us to produce 1.1 to 1.2 million rubber parts.

Injection Molding
  • High Strength Hose Clamp Production Workshop

    This workshop turns out approximately 3 million hose clamps every month. Main products include the 2-ear clamp, high-strength hose clamp, T-bolt clamp and more.

    High Strength Hose Clamp Production Workshop
  • Hubless Coupling Production Workshop

    With over 70 employees on staff, this workshop mainly manufacturers hubless couplings with a monthly production rate of 500,000pcs.

    Hubless Coupling Production Workshop
  • German Style Hose Clamp Production Workshop

    This workshop is staffed by approximately 200 employees and produces different German style hose clamp configurations in stainless steel and iron. We can do 10 million hose clamps per month.

    German Style Hose Clamp Production Workshop
  • In the threading workshop, more than 90 workers use threading machines to create 15 million screws every month.
  • A total of 24 automatic thread rolling machines are used to create more than 600,000 screws per day.
  • Cold heading machines provides multiple cold-heading stations where various shapes of screw heads are made automatically.
Electroplating Workshop

We've got 3 barrel plating lines where small size hose clamp parts can be coated with zinc. No manual operation is needed. A computer controls the PH value, plating time and temperature to ensure the zinc coating spreads out evenly on the surface of parts to be coated.

  • When the parts that need to be coated get seriously large, we use rack plating processes to get the job done.
  • A total of 24 automatic thread rolling machines are used to create more than 600,000 screws per day.

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