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Kainuo Industrial is a privately owned company producing an expansive line of hose clamps, no-hub couplings and hose clamp installation tools. Nearly three decades of experience has labeled TJBC a well-known brand in the business.

Kainuo carries a range of perforated hose clamps in a variety of configurations for choice. Clamp diameter starts from 6mm and goes well into 500mm or even larger.
For critical duty hose mounting applications, this hose clamp might be the best bet. Made using premium materials, KAINUO heavy duty hose clamp features unique construction and manufacturing process that meets the connection needs of different rubber hoses and steel pipes.
Special hose clamps are available through special orders. We carry an expansive line of specialty hose clamps, including the ear type clamp, spring-loaded hose clamp, and the double steel wire clamp, etc. Additionally, we provide the rubber line P-clip and performed clamp for your choice as well. Most of our special hose clamps are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.
Pipe and fittings are typically classified into two types, the first being the hub and spigot, and the more recent one being the hubless. The hub is the enlarged (belled) end of a pipe or fitting, which is also called a bell. The spigot is the plain end of a pipe or fitting. Connecting a belled pipe to a fitting is easy.
We stock a complete line of hose clamp installation tools to aid in mounting hose clamps to hoses, pipes and fittings. These hose clamp installation tools include the ear clamps pinchers, socket wrench, and the display stand.

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