The fasteners can be used in most of the industrial production and linving environment. Kainuo has 30 years experience in fasteners industry and we are capable of producing various specifications Hose Clamp, No-Hub Couplings and all kinds of rubber products. Our enterprise scale development and accumulation of experience in 30 years can certainly meet your requirements, so please rest assured to choose our products.

Considering that different application environment need different products, we can design the customized product according to your special application if you can not find a suitable product in our product list.

The process of customization

We can customize products or make a little change in the samples or drawings provided by customers.

The process of customization is as follow:
1.Customers provide samples or drawings, including the requirements of material, specification, technical parameters and so on.
2.Customers give the expected purchase quantity for one year.
3.Customers provide the use of products, where to use them and the particularity of use, such as temperature.
4.Kainuo provides the quotation and mould fee.
5.Customers pay the mould fee after confirming the mould fee and price.
6.Kainuo develops new products and submits samples after receiving mould fee; customers need to bear the freight of the samples.

Why we can do customization

1.We have engineers with rich experience in fasteners industry: the chief engineer has the fasteners design experience with 30 years and the other engineers also have more than 10 years experience in fasteners design.

2.Mold processing capacity: we have the advanced processing center equipments, as following:

3.Control the quality of products strictly
We will do various simulation tests from raw materials, accessories to finished products, providing customers with quality products. At present, We have pulse test bench, three coordinate measuring instruments, material composition detectors, thickness gauges for zinc plating and so on.

The products we have developed

If you want to learn about more products please read our product list!

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