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No-Hub Couplings

Pipe and fittings are typically classified into two types, the first being the hub and spigot, and the more recent one being the hubless. The hub is the enlarged (belled) end of a pipe or fitting, which is also called a bell. The spigot is the plain end of a pipe or fitting. Connecting a belled pipe to a fitting is easy. Simply insert the spigot into the hub. The resulting connection or coupling is called hub and spigot coupling.

Hubless pipe and fittings are often referred to in the plumbing industry as no-hub. That means both ends of the pipe or fitting are plain ends without being enlarged (belled). Connecting this kind of pipe to a fitting requires a no-hub coupling or hubless coupling or no-hub coupler or shielded clamp, call whatever you like.

TJBC branded non-hub couplings are an integral part of flexible cast iron pipe joints. Made using quality stainless steel, paired with specialty rubber seals, our no-hub couplings are rugged, durable and easy to install. Custom pipe couplings are available through special orders.

Diameter range: 1.5 inch to 15 inch
Standards: EN877, ASTM C-564
Materials: Stainless steel, EPDM rubber, natural rubber, Neoprene