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No-Hub Coupling, Type A (with UPC Mark)

Type A no-hub coupling is made of quality steel, put through advanced processes, and closely inspected to offer excellent rust resistance, durability, and pipe fastening force.

This hubless coupler, bearing UPC mark, is widely used in plumbing systems to connect a cast iron pipe to its fitting.

Technical Specs

Item No. Size Pack Carton Size
W4 mm inch pcs /carton mm
GS01D40 DN40 1.5" 100 36×27.5×32
GS01D50 DN50 2" 100 41×32.5×31
GS01D75 DN75 3" 100 50×41×32
GS01D100 DN100 4" 100 63×51×33
GS01D125 DN125 5" 50 61-42×43
GS01D150 DN150 6" 50 73×53×44
GS01D200 DN200 8" 30 68×47×56
GS01D250 DN250 10" 25 60×60×53
GS01D300 DN300 12" 16 66×66×45
GS01D380 DN380 15"    

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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