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1-Ear Adjustable Clamp

Compared to a stepless ear clamp, the 1-ear adjustable clamp offer a higher level of flexibility to clamp over a wider range of hoes. Edges of the narrow steel band are rounded off to avoid damage to the soft hose being clamped.

Adjustable 1-Ear Clamp W4
Adjustable 1-Ear Clamp W1

Typically placed in CV joints on cars, the ear type clamp provides a tamper proof seal against rubber hoses and hoses of less malleable materials supplying oil, gas, and water to machinery. Once the ear is crimped, it deforms permanently which means the clamp can't be removed. Narrow band design makes for a more concentrated compression of the hose. Installing a 1-ear adjustable clamp is a matter of seconds.

AISI 301ss/304ss, or galvanized steel

Adjustable Single Ear Clamp
Size Item No. Band Width Band Thickness Material
s W1 W4 mm mm
25-40 -- YX11D2540 6.3 0.5 AISI 301ss/304ss
20-45 -- YX11D2045 6.3 0.5 AISI 301ss/304ss
45-120 -- YX11D45120 8 0.6 AISI 301ss/304ss
20-50 YX11A2050 -- 7 0.6 zinc plated steel
50-120 YX11A50120 -- 9 0.8 zinc plated steel

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

Installing Note
No screw or bolt is to be found on the 1-ear adjustable clamp. There is an ear-shaped protrusion around the circular steel band, which needs to be squeezed at its base to pull the band together and causing it to tighten around the hose.

Step 1
Push the ear clamp onto the hose.

Step 2
Squeeze the ear at its base to complete installation with a special pincer tool.

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