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Heavy Duty Bolt Clamp (with Double Band)

Built with two layers of steel bands, this heavy duty bolt clamp offers greater clamping force than an ordinary band clamp can deliver. Ideally suited for use on specialty vehicles and military equipment, this barrel and bolt hose clamp is typically employed to seal and fasten hoses to plastic or steel-lined plastic pipe fittings forming a leak-free vacuum or positive pressure pipeline systems.

The trunnion hose clamp owes its great fracture resistance to the two layers of steel bands. It can be opened from both sides, which allows the clamp to handle a wider range of hose diameters.

Materials, Installing Torques
Material Band Floating Bridge Trunnions Bolt
W1 Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
W4 AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss AISI 301ss/304ss A2-70
W5 AISI 316ss AISI 316ss AISI 316ss A4-70
Heavy Duty Bolt Clamp with Double-Layer Steel Band W1
Heavy Duty Bolt Clamp with Double-Layer Steel Band W4
Size Item No. Band Width Screw Band Thickness Recommended Installing Torque Pack
mm W1 W4 W5 mm mm pcs /carton
35-40 QL04A3540 QL04D3540 QL04E3540 20 M6×45 1.0 9Nm 50
40-45 QL04A4045 QL04D4045 QL04E4045 1.0 50
45-50 QL04A4550 QL04D4550 QL04E4550 1.0 50
50-55 QL04A5055 QL04D5055 QL04E5055 1.0 50
55-60 QL04A5560 QL04D5560 QL04E5560 1.0 50
60-65 QL04A6065 QL04D6065 QL04E6065 1.0 50
65-70 QL04A6570 QL04D6570 QL04E6570 1.0 50
70-75 QL04A7075 QL04D7075 QL04E7075 1.0 50
75-80 QL04A7580 QL04D7580 QL04E7580 1.0 50
80-85 QL04A8085 QL04D8085 QL04E8085 1.0 50
85-90 QL04A8590 QL04D8590 QL04E8590 1.0 50
90-95 QL04A9095 QL04D9095 QL04E9095 1.0 50
95-100 QL04A95100 QL04D95100 QL04E95100 1.0 50
100-105 QL04A100105 QL04D100105 QL04E100105 1.0 50
105-110 QL04A105110 QL04D105110 QL04E105110 1.0 50
110-115 QL04A110115 QL04D110115 QL04E110115 1.0 50
115-120 QL04A115120 QL04D115120 QL04E115120 1.0 50
120-125 QL04A120125 QL04D120125 QL04E120125 1.0 50
125-130 QL04A125130 QL04D125130 QL04E125130 1.0 50
130-135 QL04A130135 QL04D130135 QL04E130135 1.0 50
135-140 QL04A135140 QL04D135140 QL04E135140 1.0 50
140-145 QL04A140145 QL04D140145 QL04E140145 1.0 50
145-150 QL04A145150 QL04D145150 QL04E145150 1.0 50
150-155 QL04A150155 QL04D150155 QL04E150155 1.0 50
155-160 QL04A155160 QL04D155160 QL04E155160 1.0 50

Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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