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12.7mm Perforated Hose Clamp

Wide steel band ensures uniform pressure distribution over the hose around which the perforated hose clamp is tightened. Highly praised for accurate, secure hose clamping, the 12.7mm perforated hose clamp can be reconfigured to a different band width, such as 14.2mm.

12.7mm Perforated Hose Clamp W1 W2 W4

Advantages of Perforated Hose Clamp
Adjustable screw, paired with perforated steel stand with rectangular slots on it, delivers a large tightening torque and secure hose clamping. By adjusting the length of steel band, it is easy to strap large parts on bulky equipment. The screw band clamp is suitable for fastening square and cylindrical objects such as flue pipes and batteries, delivering unparalleled clamping performance.

Materials of Perforated Hose Clamp
We offer different materials for choices, including W1, W2, W3, W4, and W5. Different designations offer different steel grades.
W1: Steel band, worm housing, and screw are all made of galvanized steel.
W2: Steel band and worm housing constructed of AISI 430ss stainless steel. Screw is galvanized steel.
W3: Steel band and worm housing are constructed of AISI 430ss stainless steel. Screw uses AISI 410ss stainless steel.
W4: Steel band, worm housing, and screw are built with AISI 301ss/304ss stainless steel.
W5: Steel band, worm housing and screw are built with AISI 316ss stainless steel.

Material Band Housing Screw Recommended Tightening Torque
W1 zinc plated steel zinc plated steel zinc plated steel 3.8Nm
W2 AISI 201ss/301ss AISI 201ss/301ss zinc plated steel 6Nm
W2B AISI 201ss zinc plated steel zinc plated steel
W4 AISI 201ss/301ss/304ss AISI 201ss/301ss/304ss AISI 201ss/301ss/304ss
W5 AISI 316ss AISI 316ss AISI 316ss
American Type Screw Band Clamp--12.7mm-Wide Steel Band MS01
Model No. Size Item No. Pack Pack
SAE no mm inch W1 W2 W4 W5 pcs /bag pcs /carton
6 11-20 0.44"-0.78" MS01A6 MS01B6 MS01D6 MS01E6 100 1000
8 13-23 0.5"-0.91" MS01A8 MS01B8 MS01D8 MS01E8 100 1000
10 14-27 0.56"-1.06" MS01A10 MS01B10 MS01D10 MS01E10 100 1000
12 18-32 0.69"-1.25" MS01A12 MS01B12 MS01D12 MS01E12 50 1000
16 21-38 0.81"-1.5" MS01A16 MS01B16 MS01D16 MS01E16 50 1000
20 21-44 0.81"-1.75" MS01A20 MS01B20 MS01D20 MS01E20 50 500
24 27-51 1.06"-2" MS01A24 MS01B24 MS01D24 MS01E24 50 500
28 33-57 1.31"-2.25" MS01A28 MS01B28 MS01D28 MS01E28 50 500
32 40-64 1.56"-2.5" MS01A32 MS01B32 MS01D32 MS01E32 50 500
36 46-70 1.81"-2.75" MS01A36 MS01B36 MS01D36 MS01E36 50 500
40 50-76 2"-3" MS01A40 MS01B40 MS01D40 MS01E40 20 500
44 59-83 2.31"-3.25" MS01A44 MS01B44 MS01D44 MS01E44 20 500
48 65-89 2.56"-3.5" MS01A48 MS01B48 MS01D48 MS01E48 20 500
52 72-95 2.81"-3.75" MS01A52 MS01B52 MS01D52 MS01E52 20 500
56 78-102 3.06"-4" MS01A56 MS01B56 MS01D56 MS01E56 10 250
60 84-108 3.31"-4.25" MS01A60 MS01B60 MS01D60 MS01E60 10 250
64 91-114 3.56"-4.5" MS01A64 MS01B64 MS01D64 MS01E64 10 250
72 103-127 4.06"-5" MS01A72 MS01B72 MS01D72 MS01E72 10 250
80 117-140 4.62"-5.5" MS01A80 MS01B80 MS01D80 MS01E80 10 250
88 130-152 5.12"-6" MS01A88 MS01B88 MS01D88 MS01E88 10 250
96 141-165 5.56"-6.5" MS01A96 MS01B96 MS01D96 MS01E96 10 250
104 157-178 6.18"-7" MS01A104 MS01B104 MS01D104 MS01E104 10 250

The 144.2mm-wide steel band accommodates SAE 16# to 104# perforated screw clamp. Other specs and materials are available upon request. The above information are used for reference only.

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