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Non-Perforated Hose Clamp

We carries a complete line of non-perforated hose clamps that meet German, Italian, and British standards. Non-perforated means there are no slots on the clamp. Known for its flexibility to clamp over a wide range of hoses, the hose clip is commonly seen in motor vehicles, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beer brewing, wastewater treatment, dust collection, and auto parts applications.

Typically used for hose mounting applications, the hose clamp attaches hoses to fittings all while distributing uniform pressure over the circumference of hoses. Many hose clips we supplied are screw clips, also called screw hose clamps or worm drive hose clamps.

Diameter Range: from 8mm through 500mm or even larger
Standards: DIN 3017, Italian standards, British standards, etc.
Material: W1 - Galvanized iron, W2 - Galvanized iron screw, steel band and housing 200ss/430ss, W4 - All Grade 300 Stainless Steel, W5 - All Grade 316 Stainless Steel